Computer Article: Simple Ways To Protect Your Computer

Getting software to protect your computer is unfortunately a must these days. Yet before that point, there are a number of simple things to do to protect your PC.

Ensure your computer is updated.
The software your computer operates on already has some in-built protection; crackers and fraudsters often try to break through this software to exploit weaknesses and Microsoft is permanently upgrading its software to prevent them in a cat and mouse game.

Only download software from trusted websites.

If you’re looking for a piece of software, find out who makes it first and then go to their site to get it. For smaller free/shareware programs, try using big sites like cnet’s rather than just getting them from anywhere that shows up.

Use different passwords for different sites.

It may seem obvious, but don’t use the same login for lots of sites, because then if one falls into the wrong hands, your whole online life is up for grabs. It’s a nightmare to remember lots of different ones, so why not take one and just add a few letters to it related specifically to each site you’re logging into?

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